6 BEPROMAP – Budget Expenditures Program Monitoring Application – Cameroon

Public Funds Monitoring Application

Ensuring Effective Delivery of Public Services and Infrastructure in Rural Cameroon Worth 10 Billion Franc CFA

Our role is to foster Citizen led action for Effective Delivery of Community Development Projects in Rural Cameroon


Community led actions for Transparency and Accountability in Public Investment Budget Projects in Rural and Urban Cameroon










1- Download & Install

Visit the Android Play store, search on BEPROMAP, Touch the install button and install the BEPROMAP. That's all, you don't even need to create an account.

2- Discover Local Projects

BEPROMAP Android app has a collection of BIP Projects in Cameroon that we have the capacity to monitor. We regularly update the app. You will be able to discover and learn about BIP projects with or without the internet.

3- Contribute & Request Updates

After you see BIP projects you are interested in, you can keep checking to see if there are updates. If you live in the project location, you can inform us on recent updates about the project as you see it. Pictures are most welcome. In this way, you will be contributing in informing the world about projects in your local community.


Cameroon is a lower middle-income country with 52% of its 22.8 million people2 living in urban areas. Cameroon aspires to become a middle-income country and provide its growing population (2.2% annually) with basic infrastructure and public services under the Public Investment Budget plan (PIB). The Public Investment Budget of Cameroon consumes approximately 70% of Cameroon’s tax revenues, yet much of what is allocated is hardly concretized in the form of visible development projects and infrastructures.

The Public Investment Budget of Cameroon consumes approximately 70% of Cameroon’s tax revenues, yet much of what is allocated is hardly concretized in the form of visible development projects and infrastructures.

Where information on budgets is requested by ordinary citizens, they are often met with stiff resistance or long delays, creating a wide gap for corrupt vote holders and service delivery agents to gain an edge and prosper to the detriment of the wider population.

Fairly often with lack of access to evidenced based information on the nature of development projects and their budgets citizens’ ability to monitor development projects in rural and sub-urban areas in Cameroon has been considerably weakened. IGI uses BEPROMAP to empower and support community tax payers led movements to demand transparency, accountability and effective use of public funds committed by the government for infrastructure and other poverty reduction programs in rural and suburban communities in Cameroon.


Promoting Service Delivery Effectiveness

Improving citizens’ experience and satisfaction with government services requires a new approach in the way local government delivers its services and administers public resources. BEPROMAP ensures and integrates a citizen satisfaction centric [feedback] approach to delivering government services to its citizens by ensuring real time monitoring and control of service quality by project beneficiaries. This helps local governments to deal with the problem of designing and delivering services based on their own requirements and processes instead of the people they serve.

Access to Government-held Information

Public access to government–held information is key to effective democracy. BEPROMAP allows ordinary citizens to raise their concerns on service delivery and public funds management issues and for the government to hear and ensure real time fixes. Saving both time and wastage of scares public resources.

Disclosing Service Delivery Contract Documents

Allowing ordinary citizens and beneficiaries of government funded projects to seek and receive public documents serves as a critical tool for promoting integrity and reducing corruption in Cameroon. It makes government more efficient and increases citizens’ participation in public life.

Combining access to information with Training

IGI combines citizens’ access to information with training to improve their negotiation skills and reduce incidence of violence when dealing with corruption challenges in the field. This is because we believe that sustainable development is a two way dialogue between key stakeholders in a development process.